Participants are able to
• understand the basic concept of gender sensitivity in civil society
organisations and activists’ movements
• identify in which ways gender is relevant for themselves in
their context
• plan concrete steps for advancing a safer space and gender
sensitive mainstreaming
In this training, we will look at power differences from a gender
perspective. Social norms are interacting with power issues and
shape society’s understanding of ‘men’ and ‘women’ and their
‘appropriate’ roles at work and in the public sphere. A more just
society relies on gender-sensitive civil society organisations.
This training, therefore, will look at the relevance of ‘gender’ on
an individual and organisational level. Together we will develop
an organisation-specific plan for creating


Wiederholugstermin: 21.-25.2.2022



08.03.2021 - 12:00 bis 12.03.2021 - 13:00


Wustrow (Wendland)


  • Fach- und Spezialisierungskurse


Gesamtdauer Kurs: 

5 Tage

Sprache (des Kurses bzw. der Veranstaltung): 

  • Englisch


Activists from „The Coalition of Women for Peace“

Kosten/Teilnehmerbeitrag : 

1.500,– Euro for organisations, 1.000,– Euro for single persons, 750,– Euro reduced fee for individuals (on enquiry)


The fee includes training material, vegetarian food and lodging in dormitory style. If lack of funds is an obstacle to your participation, please let us know. Depending on availability of funds, we may be able to offer reductions on the participation fee. Applications should reach us as soon as possible, for participants in need of a visa or financial support the latest by 01 November 2020, for those without visa requirement the latest by 13 December 2020. Please use the application form on our website: or contact our training unit: